Monday, July 29, 2019

OHIMA Board President's Thoughts on AHIMA's Leadership Symposium 2019

I had the pleasure of attending my first AHIMA CSA Leadership Symposium in Chicago, Illinois on July 12-13, 2019.  This was 1½ days of networking and information.  The symposium started with Dr. Wylecia Wiggs Harris and Dr. Valerie Watzlaf providing us with AHIMA’s Transformation story: Mission, Vision and Strategy.  The goal is for AHIMA to be known globally as the House of Health Information.  In order to achieve this AHIMA’s broken system has to be revamped.  Some of the challenges that AHIMA faces are:
  • Technical Disruption
  • Increased complexity of the ecosystem and proliferation of data
  • Disruption of the HIM profession
  • Financial instability
  • Gaps in the infrastructure to support change
  • Customer service and usability challenges

Essentially, AHIMA has been a crumbling organization that needs an overhaul.  The new leadership team with the support of the CSAs and their membership will lead us in the direction in which we need to go.  This collaboration will help AHIMA to become better known outside of our industry as well as making the organization a more reliable source to its members.

There are three thought impact areas that will bring upon change.  Those areas are:
  • Integrity
  • Privacy & Security
  • Connectivity
These three areas are an immediate focus.  OHIMA will work alongside AHIMA to ensure our alignment with the transformation plans.  I strongly believe that this will be beneficial to all of us HIM professionals.  This endeavor will open AHIMA and HIM professionals up to the world.

The closing remarks by Dr. Wiggs Harris were “Safeguard Your Personal Brand.”  That is what we as HIM professionals need to do. We must embrace the upcoming changes and make sure we make ourselves as marketable as possible in this ever-changing field.

About the Author 

Tonya L. Bates, RHIA is the currently Board President of the OHIMA FY 2020-21 Board of Directors.  She can be reached at

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