Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ASK HIM: How do I apply to get an apprenticeship?

Question submitted via email: How does a very interested RHIT apply to get into the apprenticeship program as a future employee?

Answer from Mary Taylor-Blasi (AHIMA Foundation): Apprenticeships help to mobilize workforce with structured on-the-job learning in the HIM industry.  The apprenticeship connects job seekers looking to learn new skills with employers looking for qualified workers, resulting in a workforce with HIM industry - driven training and employers with a competitive edge.
  • An apprenticeship is a paid position that bridges education and employment in an organization. 
  • Apprentices start at an entry level scale of an occupation that increases as certain checkpoints are reached.  They learn while you both earn, financially and professionally! 
  • Apprentices may be temporary or permanent employees and are usually full-time positions. 
  • Apprentice qualifications vary according to role (for example, a coding professional apprentice may hold a CCA, RHIT, or RHIA credential while a data analyst apprentice must hold a minimum of a RHIA credential) 
  • An apprenticeship program lasts from one to two years, with the goal of a permanent position.  The apprentice candidate gains real-world working experience that can be of substantial work to any company.

Apprentice Application of Interest Process


Individuals interested in applying for consideration as an apprentice candidate must meet the following requirements:
  • Depending on apprentice type and role, applicants may need to have passed a qualifying CCA, RHIT, or RHIA exam. Individuals may initiate an application of interest at any time. 
  • Be available to commit to an apprenticeship opportunity lasting from one to two years. 
  • Meet the apprentice qualifications as outlined in the application. 
  • Encouraged to listen to the AHIMA Foundation - Apprenticeship Program webinar (EXPIRED).

Due to the limited number of available positions, this is a competitive process and apprentices are selected from the candidates who submit interest applications and meet the criteria established by employers.

Submit your Apprentice Interest Application: Apply today!

If you'd like to learn more about how an apprenticeship program can work to benefit you by contacting the AHIMA Foundation at apprenticeship@ahimafoundation.org for more information on this exciting new program.

Interested in becoming an employer for the registered apprenticeship program there are two ways to let us know:

  1.   Fill out the interest survey today so we can learn more about your organization's need. Once completed the AHIMA Foundation will contact you to set-up a call and discuss the apprenticeship one-on-one.

  2.  Email apprenticeship@ahimafoundation.org regarding your interest and we will set-up a call to discuss how apprenticeships can be assist your organization with your workforce needs

And if you'd like more information, listen to the WEBINAR (EXPIRED) hosted by OHIMA and the AHIMA Foundation on February 22nd for employers interested learning more about the apprenticeship program.


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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Showcase Your Research!

Are you a student who has put together a research project in your program or on your own?  Why not share this research for a chance to win prizes and promote your talents to potential employers?  At the 2017 OHIMA Annual Meeting, we will host a Student Research Poster Showcase.  This opportunity allows students to create a poster demonstrating a researched topic in HIM.  Your poster will be displayed throughout the conference.  Creating a poster can be an excellent resume builder!  Employers like employees who stay up-to-date in the field and demonstrate critical thinking skills. 

Students often wonder how they may find potential jobs in the field.  This is an excellent way to demonstrate your talents and network with potential employers.  Already employed?  It is still an amazing way to network and demonstrate your interest in advancing the field of HIM. 

At our 2016 Poster Showcase, we had posters on Disproportionate Share Hospitals, Biases in Patient Safety Indicator Score Distributions, and Validation of Cancer Readmission Predictive Models.  Allison Flaker, a student from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College displayed her poster on the root causes of duplicate medical records as well as the latest literature-suggested solutions to the problem of duplicate medical record creation.  She was the winner at the Associate level.  

Our winner at the baccalaureate level was Liam Corrigan-Carias.  His poster was titled What Does the Money Do? (The Association Between Disproportionate Share Payments and Hospital Safety, Quality, Efficiency and Financial Health).

Prizes will be awarded to the top poster at each level (associate,
baccalaureate and graduate levels).  Three judges (an OHIMA Board Member, HIM Educator and HIM Professional currently in the field) review the posters and score them using a standardized rubric. 

No topic is too small or too large!  All student levels from Associate to Bachelors to Graduate Programs (as well as new graduates who have graduated in the last year-March 2016 to present) are welcome to participate.  You can complete this on your own.  It does not have to come from a project completed in your program. 

Think about all the emerging topics in the HIM field, they are vast!  Perhaps you want to research the potential dangers of Medical Identity Theft and how HIM may play a role.  Share statistics on the occurrences of Medical Identity Theft and potential consequences. Maybe you want to tackle Information Governance.  Interview a local facility or look at national statistics.  The topics are endless! 

More information is available at http://ohima.org/information/information183.html.  There are several resources to help you with submitting, poster samples and printing instructions. The deadline to sign up is February 20th so you will want to sign up as soon as possible (even if your poster is still a work in progress)!  Contact the OHIMA Central Office with any questions (ohima@ohima.org).

About the Author 

Megan Patton, RHIA is a 2nd Year Director on OHIMA's Executive Board of Directors.  She currently oversees the Information Governance Strategy and the Educators Committee.  

Megan has over 12 years of experience in the Health Information Management field which includes, small hospitals, teaching hospitals, mental health facilities, and independent consultingShe is currently a full-time professor at University of Cincinnati's Online HIM Program.

Friday, January 6, 2017

ASK HIM: Where do HIM professionals typically go to gather new information about their role in the healthcare industry?

Question: I'd be interested in knowing where, in addition to OHIMA and AHIMA, HIM professionals typically go to gather new information about their role in the healthcare industry?

Answer from Lauren Manson, RHIA:
I could share with you the resources that I personally use.  But I am just one person!  So I took your question to the OHIMA Board of Directors and other HIM Leaders nationwide on AHIMA’s Engage Communities.   We received SO MANY great responses.  Here is an all-encompassing list of the responses (in alphabetical order):  

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