Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ASK HIM: How do I apply to get an apprenticeship?

Question submitted via email: How does a very interested RHIT apply to get into the apprenticeship program as a future employee?

Answer from Mary Taylor-Blasi (AHIMA Foundation): Apprenticeships help to mobilize workforce with structured on-the-job learning in the HIM industry.  The apprenticeship connects job seekers looking to learn new skills with employers looking for qualified workers, resulting in a workforce with HIM industry - driven training and employers with a competitive edge.
  • An apprenticeship is a paid position that bridges education and employment in an organization. 
  • Apprentices start at an entry level scale of an occupation that increases as certain checkpoints are reached.  They learn while you both earn, financially and professionally! 
  • Apprentices may be temporary or permanent employees and are usually full-time positions. 
  • Apprentice qualifications vary according to role (for example, a coding professional apprentice may hold a CCA, RHIT, or RHIA credential while a data analyst apprentice must hold a minimum of a RHIA credential) 
  • An apprenticeship program lasts from one to two years, with the goal of a permanent position.  The apprentice candidate gains real-world working experience that can be of substantial work to any company.

Apprentice Application of Interest Process


Individuals interested in applying for consideration as an apprentice candidate must meet the following requirements:
  • Depending on apprentice type and role, applicants may need to have passed a qualifying CCA, RHIT, or RHIA exam. Individuals may initiate an application of interest at any time. 
  • Be available to commit to an apprenticeship opportunity lasting from one to two years. 
  • Meet the apprentice qualifications as outlined in the application. 
  • Encouraged to listen to the AHIMA Foundation - Apprenticeship Program webinar (EXPIRED).

Due to the limited number of available positions, this is a competitive process and apprentices are selected from the candidates who submit interest applications and meet the criteria established by employers.

Submit your Apprentice Interest Application: Apply today!

If you'd like to learn more about how an apprenticeship program can work to benefit you by contacting the AHIMA Foundation at apprenticeship@ahimafoundation.org for more information on this exciting new program.

Interested in becoming an employer for the registered apprenticeship program there are two ways to let us know:

  1.   Fill out the interest survey today so we can learn more about your organization's need. Once completed the AHIMA Foundation will contact you to set-up a call and discuss the apprenticeship one-on-one.

  2.  Email apprenticeship@ahimafoundation.org regarding your interest and we will set-up a call to discuss how apprenticeships can be assist your organization with your workforce needs

And if you'd like more information, listen to the WEBINAR (EXPIRED) hosted by OHIMA and the AHIMA Foundation on February 22nd for employers interested learning more about the apprenticeship program.


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