Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ask HIM: How do I get recognition without making it look like I am tooting my own horn?

Question from @nominatemeplease:
I am a quiet sort of worker who has provided leadership and service while working on HIM projects and events. How do I get recognition without making it look like I am tooting my own horn?

Answer 3 from Marie Janes, MEd, RHIA, FAHIMA
Many HIM professionals have asked this very question. Notice how the OHIMA ballots allow for self-nomination. Because of this option, more worthy individuals are earning recognition for their professional achievement(s). With the number of accredited programs graduating increased numbers of RHITs and RHIAs, it’s impossible to know everyone in the field. Who can speak better of you—than you! Don’t hesitate to nominate yourself and please continue pursuing opportunities to shine in the field of health information management.

Follow-up on Nominations:
HIM professionals come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of talents and expertise. Be proud of your accomplishments and seek credit for your efforts.

  • National, state and regional HIM associations accept self-nominations
    • Update your resume or CV
      • Include service type, title and dates for authentication
    • Prepare an HIM philosophy
  • Identify opportunities for recognition
    • Open your emails to locate information on awards/nominations
    • Adhere to the rules for consideration and application
  • Engage your closest colleague as an advocate
    • Ask  a mentor for their input
    • Ask a superior for their input
      • List qualifications
      • Garner support from other HIM professionals
  • Benefits of professional service
    • Lends credibility to a resume or CV
    • Monetary compensation may be a consideration
    • Advances professional standing among your peers

A career in HIM can span many years, thus offering many opportunities for recognition in one or more areas on one or more stage. You may find your good works enable you to achieve notoriety in a variety of professional specialty areas, as well!

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  1. Great advice to seek out a mentor or trusted colleague for input; sometimes a direct supervisor may not be as engaged as we would like, and that can be challenging.

    In the same way, nominating a deserving coworker or colleague is an excellent way to recognize him or her for contributions to the HIMT field.