Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Advocating for the HIM profession: Opening Up Minds and Doors…

What does it mean to advocate for the HIM Profession?  
To Wondra Taylor, RHIT, a young HIM professional, it means being willing to go back to school… She has been opening up doors for students around Cleveland and surrounding areas introducing them to the HIM profession.  Within a year of starting her coding leadership position, she has become the coordinator for student practicums, been invited to local high schools, colleges, job fairs, online mentoring, and association meetings, all in the name of promoting HIM…. Her Director has dubbed her quite the HIM ambassador..

What does it take to advocate for the HIM profession?  
A smile, a few hours out of her work/personal day, a passion for HIM and willingness to talk to young adults (future generation). High school and college students are eager to hear you share about your professional background.

How does this impact the profession?
Provides valuable feed back to the college advisory boards regarding workforce needs for them to incorporate into their curriculum and let’s students know about career choices in health information management.  Communication with Academic Institutions, students, and healthcare facilities is vital to keep everyone well-informed.   Professional work experience shared provides examples to students in preparation for interviews, jobs, and professional expectations, etc.
Talk about being a leader – stepping out of “a routine role” to expand horizons.

Satisfaction when seeing students look of interest in HIM, knowing that you may have planted a seed for a future upcoming HIM professional, and receiving  recognition by being asked to participate in an Aspiring leader practicum.

You too can do this!  Please reach out to OHIMA if you want to take the next step in advocating for HIM… and considering joining us for the HIM Advocacy Day on October 4, 2017!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela 

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