Thursday, August 24, 2017

ASK HIM: What are the Key Performance Indicators of Director of HIM?

Question: What are the Key Performance Indicators of Director of HIM?

Answer: We put your question to the OHIMA Board of Directors – many of which are managers and directors of HIM in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Below are the examples of key performance indicators (KPIs) they shared. 

-  Release of Information requests at below turn-around time

- Chart Completion/Chart Analysis performed within 24 hours of discharge 

- Delinquency Rate is less than 50%

-  Duplicate Medical Record Number percentage 

- Coding/ DNFC/DNB (below national benchmarks)

- Percentage of claims denied (along with the reasons)

- Gap between date of service and date billed

- Productivity Reports

- Outstanding Accounts Receivable

- Aged Accounts

- Customer satisfaction surveys

- EMR utilization

- H&P compliance is at 100%

KPIs depend on the focus assigned to the particular HIM Director and/or what the facility has elected to track and trend.  

What are some of the KPIs for your role and facility?

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