Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Coaching and Mentoring

At the 2018 AHIMA Leadership Symposium in Chicago, J. Bryan Bennett, MBA, CPA, LSSGB gave a presentation on Impacting Leadership in Healthcare.  He explained the benefits of mentoring and used the analogy of a coach and athlete.  He said that even the best of coaches couldn’t do what the best athletes do.  But the coach can still help the athlete improve their form and become an even better athlete.  AHIMA has a mentorship program. Consider becoming a mentor or mentee! 

1 comment:

  1. A mentor is a guide for entrepreneur. Mentors help you navigate through specific challenges as they would have come across in the past and they may have solutions to most of your problems or challenges. So having them on-board with you, will certainly help you navigate those issues or challenges, rather than failing and trying to break your head and still taking wrong decisions. Right mentor with the right intentions can add immense value to your business growth. Just see if they will be able to spare, dedicate some time to guide you through. You can have an engagement that can have some commercial component just to ensure that the commitments are honored as expected or agreed upon.
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