Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ICD-10-PCS Root Operations Crossword Puzzle

It's that time of year!  The start of the school year.  Homework!  Studying!  Exams!  In the spirit of the new school year, test YOUR coding knowledge with the below crossword puzzle on ICD-10 PCS Root Operations.  Click HERE to print the crossword!!  Click HERE for the answers.

4.  free body part from physical constraint by cutting/use of force
6.  joining portions of articular body part to immobilize
7.  expanding orifice/lumen of tubular body part
9.  move to normal/other suitable location all or part of a body part
12. cutting off all or portion of upper/lower extremities
13. correct malfunctioning device/position of displaced device
15. putting in appliance to monitor/assist/perform/prevent function 
    but not take the place of a body part
16. visual/manual exploration of body part
17. putting back all or part of a separated body part to normal/
    other suitable location
18. complete closing of an orifice/tubular body part
19. taking/letting out fluids/gases from a body part
22. cutting out/off a portion of a body part
24. cutting out/off without replacement all of a body part

1.  stopping/attempting to stop postprocedural/acute bleeding
2.  cut into body part to separate or transect
3.  locate route of passage of electrical impulses/functional areas 
    in a body part
4.  taking out/off a device
5.  taking/cutting out solid matter from a body part
6.  breaking solid matter in a body part into pieces
8.  move, without taking out, all/part of a body part to take 
    over function of all/part of a body part
10. restoring body part to normal structure and function
11. altering route of tubular body part
14. replacing device on same body part without cutting skin
20. modifying natural anatomic structure of body part without 
    impact to functionality
21. pulling/stripping out/off all or part of a body part by 
    use of force
23. putting in material to reinforce/augment function of a portion 
    of a body part

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