Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Putting Together Our "What is HIM" Video

I’m sure many of you find it difficult to explain to someone not only what we do as HIM professionals but what we are capable of doing. Would you agree?

As you may know, one of the OHIMA board’s strategies is “innovation”, therefore we thought it would be a great innovative idea to put together a “what is HIM video” that can be used for HR recruiters, students and the general public.

We assumed the majority of the work was selecting the vendor and we would simply tell them what we wanted and they would take it from there.  Little did we know the intricate steps needed before the end product could be delivered.  After talking with many vendors and viewing sample videos we settled on one that was a bit more cutting edge and had done videos for Ohio State, Pelotonia and Cardinal Health to name a few. Next up was deciding the type of video we wanted.  Animated? Animated with voice over? Panel Interview?  A day in the life of an HIM professional? In the end, animation with voice over won out in order to be able to use the video longer as well as hold the viewer’s attention with eye catching graphics. 
The most work was scripting out the video along with timing.  We knew almost immediately that we did not want the video to be long. Short sweet and to the point was our objective.  The OHIMA Board of  Directors put our heads together and came up with key job settings, titles and functions showcasing our talents especially focusing on the jobs that are the future of our HIM profession.

Next we had to pick out a style which included deciding on whether we wanted all icon based graphics or to include people in our graphics or a combination of both.  It was decided that having both icons and people graphics was a must so we could feature the strong collaboration focus HIM professionals often have.

Auditions for voice over was by far the coolest part of making the video. The vendor sent us a link with several voice auditions to choose from with differing ages, genders and voice qualities.  The vendor explained that they only give the person auditioning a small paragraph and little direction just to see where they will go with it.  The vendor then “storyboarded” our script which is this sort of “visual path” that runs alongside the finished script. This allowed us to work with the vendor on creating the remaining artwork and visuals necessary for the animation.  We had several revisional rounds before finalizing the storyboard.  The final step was sound design to enhance the animation we carefully selected.

At last, it was time for our “call to action”.  We revealed the video at the 2019 OHIMA Annual Meeting on Monday morning. The video played at the OHIMA booth and flyers were placed in packets with a QR code to the video.  The video is also available on the OHIMA website.  We encourage everyone to share this video with human resource representatives, students and anyone else that might benefit.  We cannot wait to see what this video will do for our profession!

About the Author 

Kristin Nelson, MS, RHIA is the current Director of Innovation, incoming President-Elect of the OHIMA 2019-20 Board of Directors and Program Manager of Education at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

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