Tuesday, August 20, 2019

August Adversities

by Dianna Foley, RHIA, CHPS, CCS 

Test your ICD-10-CM seventh character for injury/external cause coding skills with this short scenario.

August has brought some interesting adversities to the Klutz children.  See for yourself.

Last winter, little Dana suffered superficial frostbite to both her hands.  She is now experiencing numbness from that injury and her pediatrician is looking into Botox injections as a potential treatment.

Meanwhile, it appears that Raymond has a nonunion of his distal tibial fracture, which occurred when he fell out of a tree last fall.  He is going to have to have surgery to correct the initially closed fracture.

Janine is continuing to go to rehab for the bilateral biceps strain she developed as a result of scrubbing floors during spring cleaning.  Janine continues to suffer from the strains caused by the repetitive circular movements she used for scrubbing.

Egon has developed a keloid scar on his palm from a laceration he got last year when he accidentally cut his right palm with a bread knife.

Peter rounds out the children’s’ issues as he is going to the wound clinic this week to get a dressing change for the second degree burn he got by reaching across the steam from a boiling tea kettle to reach for the cookie jar.  That resulted in his right wrist burn.

That’s all the lingering issues for the Klutz children…at this time!

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