Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Elephant in the Tense Room: Trust

As the 73rd AHIMA House of Delegates (HoD) meeting approached, I remembered the passionate discourse of last year’s meeting. Well, it appears I wasn’t alone. Last year’s meeting was the talk of this year’s meeting, especially since there were some new action items that could potentially foster the same level of discussion.

To prepare for the HoD 2019 meeting, Robert Rules of Order was provided and discussed, a parliamentarian was included in the meeting and AHIMA’s General Counsel was in attendance. As a result of these efforts, we had a very orderly meeting, discussion and voting process. People were able to ask questions, get answers and clarification without being insulted and belittled. The vote was a standing vote and each person standing, either for or against the issue, was counted.

Even with all the preparation to ensure an orderly discourse, there was still an elephant in the room that had to be discussed- trust.

AHIMA leadership talked about trust, the lack of confidence and lack of belief in the organization and its leadership. It is important that even during debate and discussion, everyone should feel appreciated and at a minimum heard. 

As a member of AHIMA and OHIMA, we have a responsibility to vote, engage, trust the process and articulate our value in a respectful manner. As AHIMA pivots into the new transition, we must prepare ourselves by staying updated to information and announcements regarding changes, sharing our voice and advocating for our profession. We must remember to trust the process as we navigate the upcoming years of change and beyond.


About the Author

Clarice Warner, RHIA, CCS-P, CPC, CHC is the Corporate Director of Corporate Responsibility for the Mercy Health Corporate Office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is also the Founder and Education Director for the Professional Reimbursement Network.  Clarice serves as a 1st-year Director and Delegate on the OHIMA FY 2018-19 Board of Directors, overseeing the Public Good strategy and Advocacy Committee.