Friday, December 20, 2019

It’s a Wonderful Life?

by Dianna Foley, RHIA, CHPS, CCS 

Test your ICD-10-CM coding skills with this Klutz family experience.

Each year the Klutz family observe the tradition of watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” together during the holiday season.  Each of the children has a favorite part, related of course, to an injury or poisoning.  For some coding fun, assign the ICD-10-CM codes to each Klutz child’s preferred section of the beloved movie.

Egon is partial to the part where George gets a bloody (cut) lip from a punch by the bartender in the bar brawl.

Janine favors George’s loss of hearing (left ear) related to being in the icy pond water while saving his brother from drowning.

Peter chooses the drowning of Harry in the pond, which would happen if George never existed.

Raymond prefers the scene between George and Mr. Gower in the drugstore, when the old pharmacist strikes George and causes his sore ear (left) to bleed.

Little Dana, although very young, has been taught about Mr. Yuk and poisonings, so she is fixated on the child that was poisoned and died at home as a result of Mr. Gower’s medication error in the alternate universe of a Bedford Falls without George Bailey.

Click HERE for the answers.

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