Monday, August 9, 2021

AHIMA Access and Tips on Building Content Strategy

by Ellen Johnston, RHIA, CRC

I was fortunate enough to attend AHIMAs 2021 Leadership Symposium and hear about the great ideas and strategies that are coming down the pike for the organization, as well as get insight from other states on their plans and engagement strategies for the upcoming year.  One breakout session that I found informative was called Building Your Content Strategy and Using Access” by Reginald Smith, AHIMA Director of Digital Strategy.  Access is AHIMAs new members only social media platform where different communities can be built based on HIM interests and hot topics. 

The speaker in this session briefly outlined Access and provided tips on building a content strategy which I found beneficial.  Here is an outline of what he reviewed. Hopefully it can help you with any content building strategies that you may be working on within your organization or as you explore Access on your own!

  • Why is content strategy important?
    • Audiences will stick around longer with quality content.
    • You can build a sense of trust with them along the way as you become the expert on your topic.  
    • You will build more presence on social media.
      • More flagged material on internet search engines allows for increased suggestions for users.  All this combined will accentuate your brand and potentially save a bit of money on marketing.

  • How do you build a good content strategy?
    • Identify the audience and determine who the content is being created for.
      •  What is the size and experience/skill level of the group? 
    • Define the goal of the content. 
      •  What do you want the end user to think, feel, or do after viewing the content?

  • Create a value proposition.
    •  Determine how your content is valuable for your users and for you.

  • Define the minimum viable product.
    • Decide what the bare minimum should be for your content to be successful. 
    • As you are defining your minimum viable product, break down your content qualities into 3 categories: 
      •  What are the minimum requirements?
      •  What would be preferred?
      •  What would exceed expectations?

  • Have a content calendar and be sure to test it!
    • Make sure that everyone is on the same page by creating a calendar for when content will be released.
    • Be sure to test the content before it is released to the public.  
      • When testing the content, it is best to have as few ‘hard stops’ as possible, as the user should have a call to action, or a next step, after taking in the content. 
        •  A hard stop is when a user views content, and there are no next steps for them to take regarding the content.

  • Determine your key performance indicators (KPI’s).
    • Measure your content strategy’s success by defining key performance indicators that can be measured on a frequent basis.
    • This is something that should be defined when the content is released, and continuously monitored and altered as time goes on.

AHIMA Access is something you should check out if you haven’t already.  An easy way to get started is to log in using your credentials and check out the Ohio CSA page (an easy way to network with other Ohio HIM professionals as well).  I hope you can utilize what this new platform has to offer and use it with your own content strategy efforts!

About the Author 

Ellen Johnston, RHIA, CRC
is the current Director
of Privacy & Security on the OHIMA FY 2021-22 Board of Directors. Ellen is the Program Manager of Risk and Coding Accuracy at Mount Carmel Health Partners.