Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Sandra Seabold
Cleveland Clinic
Current job title
Data Integrity Manager, Coding
Job duties and/or educational background
Currently working with the Coding Quality Education Coordinators; Coding reporting and appeals.  Education: RHIA and MBA

How did you progress to your current leadership position?
By willing to learn new skills and being open to different opportunities.  Always try to go over and above the requests and expectations. Have progressed from CDI to Project Management to Data Integrity Manager.  Each role has enhanced my skills to assist in the next role. 

What are ways that you motivate and inspire your team?  Please identify what type of team you are referring to (i.e. your direct reports at work, a committee, a different organization you are part of).

By letting the team know you are listening to their concerns and then will act on what you can influence and direct other concerns to the appropriate sources for resolution.  Working right alongside the team to help strategize for a solution or idea. Keeping the team updated with the current goals, status, and environmental impact, is important to engagement. I believe those activities all apply to work, committee and organizational development.
How do you select a mentor?  What traits do you look for?
I look for someone who exhibits the qualities I hold dear: integrity, motivated, accomplished, respected and passionate for their cause.  I want to learn from the best.  But, keep in mind that you can learn always learn something from anyone.

What professional organizations are you associated with?  Has your participation in these organizations enhanced your leadership capabilities?  If so, how?
Of course, the local, state and National HIM associations. Was also involved with the CDI associations and HIMSS during those phases of my career which had direct correlation to those activities.  Joining those organizations was beneficial for those roles, as the opportunities were expanded during that time. You never know when the contacts you make may impact you at a later time. 

What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a leader?
Education is key and can be as simple as observing other leaders, reading articles/books, attending courses, participating in activities/committees that move you to grow outside of you comfort zone, and furthering formal education to have an understanding of the different styles of leadership and what will work best for you.  Most important is to care about your team and making a positive difference for your team.

Contact Information
Sandra Seabold, MBA, RHIA


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