Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Northwest Ohio Health Information Management Association: 15th Annual Symposium on February 9, 2017

What an event!  Over 140 HIM professionals attended the NWOHIMA 15th Annual Symposium!  Being a recent newcomer to the Toledo area, this was my first meeting to attend in the area.  I was so impressed with the caliber and content of the varied speakers.  They might have spoiled us with the hot chocolate buffet to celebrate the 15th annual meeting also….

I encourage everyone to attend their local association meetings.  Not only do you keep up with information, gain CE’s, meet new people, network and have good food – you might even win a prize.

What did we learn?

Barbara Roose, Christian women’s speaker, author and life coach who presented “Personal Development” asked the audience to ask themselves "How do you increase the quality of life of those around you, especially in the workplace?  And what can you do to make your team thrive and not dominate them.  Be kind and appreciative of those around you, so that people come alive when you walk into the room."  Her warmth and excitement to have a positive influence on those around her is contagious!

Lisa Conine from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation who presented “Ergonomics in HIM and How it Affects Your Workplace” showed how common posture and work space setup can negatively impact your muscles and tendons, causing pain.  Her office does free on-site workplace assessments to offer improvements, to significantly decrease the expenses and out-of-work costs associated with orthopedic conditions caused by poor ergonomics, for example by constantly turning your neck to one side to view your computer monitor instead of having it straight in front of you and at eye level.

Sandy Seabold from Cleveland Clinic presented “OHIMA Update” and spoke about her role as a member of OHIMA’s House of Delegates and hot topics in health information such as telemedicine, computer assisted coding, information governance and other emerging HIM roles.  I learned that anyone can volunteer to service this organization and have a grassroots influence on legislators, both on a state and national level, for HIM-related issues.

Marie Janes, Senior Lecturer from the University of Toledo College of Health & Human Services gave a talk titled “Shoot for the Stars: The History & Future of NWOHIMA” including how the organization has grown from humble beginnings to the active association it is now.  Marie and her colleagues in NWOHIMA demonstrate their enthusiasm for HIM by volunteering their time and talents so that others employed in the industry, like me, as well as students just getting exposed to HIM, can grow in our knowledge and have networking opportunities through meetings like this symposium.

ICD-10-CM and CPT Coding Roundtable led by Debby Mann and Jennifer Bash from ADVOCATE Radiology Billing started off with diagnosis code updates: When coding myocardial infarctions, if a non- ST elevation MI evolves to a ST elevated MI, code the latter.  Don't forget in ICD-10 when patients suffer a subsequent MI this is coded to I22.0 to I22.9 depending on the type or site of the additional infarction. Things really heated up with the CPT code practice for radiology cases!  For example, I learned what distinguishes a complete ultrasound of the abdomen 76700 (eight body parts are filmed including liver, spleen and pancreas) vs. 76705 limited study (less than all eight).  Debby and Jennifer were so informative! They said the trend in CPT code changes is that more codes are being bundled, eliminating the extra reimbursement compared to when the codes were unbundled previously.  Because I don't use CPT codes in my daily work, I had also forgotten the difference between non-selective catheterization (for interventional radiology) where the catheter is placed into the save vessel entered and selective, where the catheter is threaded into further vessel branches than where it entered and continuing to the "third order" (third branch). What an informative presentation!

I recommend future NWOHIMA symposiums to students as well as HIM educators who I met throughout the day, and HIM employees looking to keep up on the latest topics in our field.  Try to attend a future meeting, you'll be glad you did!  I know I am.

Cathy Larmer, B.S., CCS, CCDS
Cleveland Clinic Quality Education Coordinator for Coding

Interested in finding out more about Regional HIM Associations in your area?  Find your regional association on the OHIMA website!

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