Thursday, April 6, 2017

ASK HIM: What is HIMR and how can we learn more?

Question submitted via email: What is HIMR and how can we learn more?

Answer from Beth Liette (OHIMA Board Member):
HIM Reimagined (HIMR) is an AHIMA Leadership initiative approved by the AHIMA Board of Directors in February, 2017. The program offers strategies to transform health information management (HIM) for the future. The primary goals of the HIMR plan include:
•    Increasing the number of HIM professionals holding relevant graduate degrees;
•    Ensuring a strong and valid body of knowledge through research; and
•    Developing career pathways.

The primary focus for HIMR is on curriculum revisions to ensure alignment with jobs of the future. The new competencies are designed to give students the skills needed to remain relevant in the new healthcare environment in areas like informatics, information governance, revenue cycle, and data analytics.

The HIMR Task Force will begin to move forward in implementing activities during 2017. Primary market research, to be completed in 2017, will identify career roles and pathways to move the HIM profession forward into the future.  As more information is made available through research, plan revisions may occur.

To read more about HIMR and watch a video, visit the AHIMA website.  The draft Whitepaper details numerous recommendations with the rationale for each recommendation.

If you want more information, you can also contact the OHIMA Central Office via email ( 

About the Author 

Beth Liette, MS, RHIA is the current Past-President of OHIMA and Senior Director of HIM at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  She also serves on AHIMA's House of Delegates and is OHIMA's Delegate Coordinator.


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