Thursday, April 27, 2017

OHIMA Annual Meeting Reflection

Lights, Camera, Action!! ... This year's OHIMA Annual Meeting featuring HIM in the Spotlight, was a fun, educational, inspirational and record breaking event.  942 registrants, 80 vendors,  34 speakers, 43 OHIMA staff and board members, and many special activities helped make this the event to attend this year.

Matt Jones, a three times cancer conqueror, Bone Marrow Transplant survivor and multi-marathoner,  kicked off the meeting with many examples of leadership: being about perspective, running a marathon, having a heart of service and finding humor in things.  "Make some noise- be excited over HIM!" As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm."  What resonated with me was when Matt stated; you'll be the same 5 years from now except for the books you read and the people you meet.  For this reason, we are working on a blog post of books that OHMA Board Members and Leaders recommend - watch for it to be published in the coming weeks! And throughout the Annual Meeting sessions as well, many speakers mentioned the books that they recommend and weaved something about those books/material into their speech.  Matt quotes Harry Truman stating, "Leaders are readers."  The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results Book by Gary Keller was recommended by multiple speakers.  Amy Cuddy's Ted Talks about Presence and body language would be good to listen to, as you reflect what your leadership philosophy is and how you define success. 

An Information Governance (IG) update was provided by Anita Doupnik, a Senior Director of IG from AHIMA.  It's not an unachievable initiative, it's what HIM professionals have been doing all along, just fashioned into a different perspective to  showcase and lead HIM into the future healthcare landscape.   Susan White, AHIMA Board Member, gave an AHIMA update talking about the new AHIMA membership model, HIM Reimagined, AHIMA's World Congress established, the new Health Informatics Professional credential and moving the HIM profession into the future.  For more information on IG, go to

Kordell Norton gave interesting examples of business charisma and how to create experiences.  Who went to check out the Zappos app to see if they would get the same outstanding customer service Kordell received?  We're all familiar with Press Ganey measuring customer satisfaction through engagement and experience.  Have you thought about the patient experience in a different manner?  Who has been to Jungle Jim's in Fairfield?  Think about that experience and what business charisma can do....

I would have had to be cloned to be able to attend all the breakout sessions I would have liked to attend!  Because of this (good) problem, this year, a couple of sessions were recorded which will be offered as webinars on the OHIMA website.  More information to come on that, so be watching the OHIMA website for those offerings!

From the Star Wall where superior leaders in HIM were nominated to the professional photographed headshots offered by Jessica Gleim, OHIMA continues to invest in the future of the Ohio HIM professionals.

The 37th OHIMA Annual Meeting was quite the event to attend!  Props to the Producer (a.k.a.; Lauren Manson) and Support (a.k.a. Bethany Shelton) for running the event seamlessly.  Until the next event....


About the Author

Sandra Seabold, MBA, RHIA is the Data Integrity Manager, Coding at the Cleveland Clinic and currently serves as the OHIMA 2016-17 Board President.  

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