Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Dee Mandley


Current Job Title

Job Duties and/or Educational Background
Owner operator of D. Mandley & Associates, LLC. My job duties vary depending on the project at hand.  My education is associates degree, CCS and CCS-P certifications.

How did you progress to your current leadership position?
I have held various HIM roles throughout my 30+ year career.  I started as a coder and worked my way up to HIM director.  I also worked several years for contract companies and went off to work for myself 12 years ago.

What are ways that you motivate and inspire your team?  Please identify what type of team you are referring to (i.e. your direct reports at work, a committee, a different organization you are part of).

My team are the coding contractors who work for me.  I pay them well and send them little notes occasionally letting them know how appreciative I am of them.  Sometimes I’ll send them Starbucks gift cards.
How do you select a mentor?  What traits do you look for?
Someone who is up-to-date on HIM practices, volunteers at a local, state, or national levels.  Must be a good verbal and written communicator and provide good follow up and patience with people who are learning the ropes.

What professional organizations are you associated with?  Has your participation in these organizations enhanced your leadership capabilities?  If so, how?

EOHIMA, NOHIMA, OHIMA, AHIMA.  I have held various roles at each of these associations.  The connections I have made over the years enhanced my ability to venture off on my own.  I worked very hard to make a name for myself through volunteering.  
What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a leader?
I truly believe leadership skills are obtained through observing others in leadership roles and going above and beyond in every work situation.  Never burn bridges and always look for ways to improve whether it be through additional education or personal research.

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