Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Network through Volunteering

by Lauren Manson, RHIA 

Recently, we hosted a Facebook Live Chat with me, OHIMA's Executive Director – you can watch it HERE!  This particular session was geared towards HIM Students and New Graduates.  Attendees could ask any and all questions about embarking on their career as HIM professionals.  We talked about CEUs, volunteer opportunities, HIM Reimagined and more…

Whenever I am asked for advice, this is what I say … and it applies to both new and established professionals alike …

Networking can be intimidating.  Especially as a young professional.  I get it.  I remember it.  And sometimes, I still feel a little overwhelmed by it today.  But who you know DOES make a difference in your career!  It opens doors.  It provides opportunities you might not otherwise encounter.  It provides connections and expertise that you might not have on your own.

My suggestion...VOLUNTEER!!  Volunteer with your professional association (AHIMA, OHIMA, Regional HIM Association), your alumni association, your local hospital, local professional networking groups, etc.

Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to network and meet other professionals in similar careers … but it even goes one step further and allows other volunteers to see your passion for the profession, utilizing your talents and expertise in a volunteer capacity.  Great volunteers always stand out.  And established professionals remember them.   

Therefore, if networking is intimidating to you, VOLUNTEER!  I promise you won’t regret it.  

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