Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween Howlers

by Dianna Foley, RHIA, CHPS, CCS 

Test your ICD-10-CM coding skills with this Klutz family experience.

This Halloween each Klutz child went to a different party and of course, ended up with an injury.  See what transpires.

Raymond participated in a donut-eating race at the church party he attended and choked on the donut.  Quick thinking with some swift slaps on the back dislodged the offending food from his throat.  Little Dana went to a party at her friend Julia’s house where there was a mummy wrapping event.  Her partner wound so much toilet paper around her feet and ankles that little Dana tripped and fell on the sidewalk ending up with a big abrasion and bruise on her nose.  At the Boy Scout party Peter attended in the nearby forest, each child was carving a small pumpkin.  He slipped with the knife and had a superficial laceration on the palm of his left hand.  Egon went to the party at the high school where he dislocated the left side of his jaw while bobbing for apples.  It just so happened that one of the parents chaperoning the party was a dentist and knew just what to do to pop it back into place. Finally, Janine and a few girlfriends had a sleepover where they decorated each other with face paint in the bedroom of her best friend’s trailer.  Unfortunately, Janine developed an allergic urticaria to the paint and had to go home.  All-in-all minor mishaps for the Klutz children…at least this Halloween.

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