Monday, November 4, 2019

Ask HIM: I'm looking for a coding job. What's the difference between a Coder II, III and IV position?

Question from Anonymous: Hi!  I recently obtained my CCS credential. As I look for jobs, I see Coder II and III and IV.  I've searched google and see different answers with no definitive answers.  Could someone please tell me the differences in those coding jobs? Thanks for your help!

Answer from OHIMA: Hello! Different coder levels may vary a bit from facility to facility.  But generally speaking, these are different experience levels.  If you look within the job description, each title/level should have a different set of skills and experience that is required. For example - if a facility has levels from I-IV, Coder I would be an entry level position; Coder IV would be the most experienced. 

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