Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Melvina M. Washington
AHIMA Credentials
MedPartners / Infinity Health Information Management / School
Current job title
Owner/President of Infinity Health Information Management School (Infinity HIM School), Health Information Management (HIM) Consultant
Job duties and/or educational background
Melvina has more than 10 years of expertise in the Health Information Management arena. She has worked for several hospitals across the United States from Level 1, teaching facilities, trauma and critical care units and many more. She specializes in Emergency Department Professional and Facility coding. Melvina also acquired a passion for coding and auditing Evaluation and Management charts for all disciplines Inpatient, Observations, Consults, Clinics and more. Melvina is infatuated with validating all coding assignments, modifiers and diagnosis to ensure compliance with Outpatients Prospective Payment Systems (OPPS), basically she loves solving Correct Initiative edits (CCI edits) for Federal, State and payer-specific regulations. Melvina has proven to be a person that collaborates with physicians to improve documentations to obtain the upmost reimbursement for the healthcare facility. In addition to coding, auditing, and compliance assignments, she is an excellent communicator, motivator and team player who fully completes her projects and assignments with the highest confidentially and accuracy possible. 

In addition to her working, Melvina is the proud owner of Infinity HIM and Infinity HIM School, where she has implemented an eight-week medical coding program for any potential persons who would like to break into the field of coding. Melvina is changing the paradigm, by teaching medical coding and its tools needed BUT also by focusing on a specific type of coding to create subject matter experts for faster turnaround of employment for the students.

Melvina has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems and Associates Degree in Health Information Technology. She is a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) with American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). She is also a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

How did you progress to your current leadership position?
After years of working in the HIM industry, giving advice, accepting change on demand, being overly confident on subject matters, being extremely determined to make a difference, and most of all not accepting the status quo. Melvina decided to start her own business and make a difference with Infinity HIM School. 

What are ways that you motivate and inspire your team? Please identify what type of team you are referring to (i.e. your direct reports at work, a committee, a different organization you are part of). 

Melvina motivates her team members; some of which are aspiring HIM professionals, and some are already HIM Professionals – they are part of AAPC or AHIMA organizations. Melvina communicates effectively with individuals, explaining the challenges and ways to overcome them. Melvina is very candid and direct with the unlimited earnings that one can acquire from HIM professions. She encourages her team members to believe the infinite possibilities. Because she believes if you believe it, dream it and work very hard at it, it will happen – nothing stops you BUT yourself. Melvina motivational speeches commands your attention and has throughout the years. She explains her accomplishments and shows that she knows what it takes to make things a reality.

How do you select a mentor? What traits do you look for?
Melvina’s mentor must be a person with greater experience than herself. Her mentor must have a strong track record of success in what he or she does. Her mentor will encourage and be direct, straight forward when needs to be about my professional goals or the direction she is moving in. They must be a good listener and not afraid to thoroughly explain their thought process because Melvina is going to challenge them. Melvina’s mentor traits are a person who is analytical, detail-oriented, excellent communicator, intellectual, professional, quite successful financially and most of all, believes in infinite possibilities. 

What professional organizations are you associated with? Has your participation in these organizations enhanced your leadership capabilities? If so, how? 

Melvina is a member of Georgia American Health Information Management Association (GAHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Attending meetings and networking with these organizations has enabled Melvina to correspond with other leaders in the industry. It has help obtain feedback for professional growth and facilitated with her direction for her own business.
What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a leader?
Melvina’s advice - be true to yourself and clear about what you want professional, within this HIM industry. Be very straight-forward and acknowledge that it will not be easy to climb to the top and stay there (if it was - we all would be there already). Do not be afraid of changing the paradigm, make your own rules and follow them. To be a leader means to lead however it doesn’t mean you don’t have listen to others – so listen but decide and own your decisions. Always have a backup plan, and expect the unexpectant. And remember to always give back and help others to grow and develop into what you have just become – a leader within the HIM arena. Melvina’s advice be yourself, dream big, work very hard and believe in infinite possibilities.

Contact Information
Melvina M. Washington, MBA, RHIT, CPC
Owner/President of Infinity HIM School
1230 Peachtree Street North East, 19th floor
Promenade II
Atlanta, Georgia 30309 

Phone: (678) 824-4162 


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